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What is Somerville by Design? ‘Somerville by Design’ takes SomerVision, the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan, to the neighborhood scale.  It continues our tradition of civic engagement, and connects it with best practices in planning and urban design.  Join us as we work together to generate a neighborhood plan for Union Square!
Ability to safely walk to and through Union Square.

Ability to safely bicycle to and through Union Square.

Ability to find convenient parking when driving to Union Square.

Ability to drive quickly through the square en route to Cambridge or I-93/Boston.

Ability to access convenient & reliable transit, including future Green Line & bus.

A mix of restaurants that provide eating and entertainment options.

Retail stores that meet daily needs (grocery, hardware, etc.).

Regional destinations (movie theater, department stores, etc.).

Independent and locally-owned stores that are unique to the square.

Access to national brands that I am familiar with and know well.

Clear rules for how homeowners can expand their house.

Flexible rules for how homeowners can expand their house.

All home additions (porches, dormers, decks, etc.) should be subject to review by neighbors.

Some small home additions should be allowed without review by neighbors.

More new housing for families with children.

More new housing for senior citizens.

More new housing for people with low- and moderate-incomes.

More new market-rate housing.

New development in Union Square should be more commercial than residential.

More public spaces for people to sit and linger.

More public spaces where children can play.

More space to display public art.

Issues related to trash, graffiti and rodents should be addressed.

More flexible public spaces that allow for a variety of activities.

New commercial and residential development that preserves the character of Union Square.

Additional commercial development in Union Square that provides jobs for Somerville.

Affordable space to fabricate, assemble, bake, shape or make things.

Maintain Union Square’s cultural and social identity through incentives & programs.

Minimize the amount of development that occurs in Union Square.

In 10 years, what should be different in Union Square?

In 10 years, what should be the same in Union Square?

What makes Union Square unique within the area?

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